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Reviews & Testimonials

Here we have listed some of the many reviews in which our effects were featured.

Mary Poppins – November to January 2013

The following are reviews from the Arts Club Theatre production of Mary Poppins, for which we provided all of the magical effects.

In the collapsing kitchen scene the chaos that is instantly corrected by Mary Poppins snapping her fingers is another delight and kudos to Chris Stolz who is listed in the program as Magic Consultant. Mary Poppins’s bottomless carpet bag is another pleasure.  – Alex Waterhouse-Hayward  |  Read Review

It actually felt at times as if I were watching a movie; the sets and visual effects were so stunning it was almost as if I were sitting in a cinema wearing 3D glasses. And there was certainly no lack of magic onstage- Mary actually pulls out a full sized lamp, hat stand and plant from her carpet bag- among other things. – Travel Theatrics  |  Read Review

Without a doubt, Mary Poppins is THE best Arts Club production I have ever seen. The special effects had my friend and I in awe…You’ll see a full length mirror, floor lamps and potted plants appear out of Mary Poppins compact travel bag, a kitchen table that collapses and returns to the upright position, and actors soaring over rooftops with the greatest of ease.  – BC Buzz  |  Read Review

The technical demands of this production were impressive. The collapsing kitchen table and cabinet shelves, magically restored by Mary Poppins, worked flawlessly, and Mary Poppins soared across the theatre as if she really did it all the time.  -Review From The House  |  Read Review

There are a multitude of technical feats incorporated into this show.  I don’t want to give them all away…but let’s just say if you don’t think some of the magical scenes from the movie could possibly happen in live theatre you would be wrong!  – Family Fun Canada  |  Read Review

Their technical talents have filled the stage with special effects that are truly magical, including Mary Poppins’ fantastic satchel, disappearing and appearing characters, flying people, and many more surprises throughout the show.  -Burnaby Now  |  Read Review

Technically, this production goes far beyond anything the Arts Club has attempted before. There is a multitude of precisely timed cues for all of the magic that Mary does: pots falling off the wall; shelves collapsing; a table broken in two then, presto! whole again. And then there’s Mary’s amazing valise out of which she pulls a hat stand, a lamp, a potted plant, a mirror and a cup of tea.  -Joe Ledingham |  Read Review




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