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Long Distance Consulting


Using Technology To Bring Us Closer Together

Since most of our work happens before there is a physical set to work on, working with clients a great distance away hasn’t proven to be a great challenge for us.   Technology has come a long way and has allowed us to do some of our best work from halfway across the world.

We have worked from Toronto for clients in BC, California, Las Vegas and as far away as Greece.

Initial & Ongoing Communication

Using email and phone we can communicate your scenic design, stage measurements and artistic vision for the show so that we can work on designing and incorporating the magic into your designs.


Using video conferencing, such as Skype, we can talk face-to-face over long distances to demo magic sequences and even train your actors.  We also create videos for actors to take home to learn any handling for magic they may be performing in their own hands.


Sometimes we do need to travel to come in to help polish the magic sequences before the curtain rises.  We typically schedule 2-3 days to come in and work with your team, usually during the last few technical days leading up to dress rehearsals.

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