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Visually change a fan of cards with a flick of the thumb.

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For years Chris Stolz has been blowing audiences away with FLICK, an un-gimmicked, visual change of a fan of cards and now you can too.

You display 4 random cards to the audience, flick through the fan with your thumb and they visually change into 4-of-a-kind. Now here’s the kicker: you can immediately hand them everything. Why? Because there’s nothing to find! Flick is 100% un-gimmicked and used nothing but your trained hands and a deck of cards.

In this download, Chris will explain the basics behind the change, take you through the handling in detail and give you one of the routines he most often uses for the effect, a simple failed 4 card location which uses Flick to right itself in a surprising and visual way. Chris also teaches a slick little switch of 4 cards which is based on a classic and has some nice touches that make it incredibly deceptive.

Flick can be used to change indifferent cards into a 4 of a kind, turn cards face up or down or turn a bad poker hand into a good one. How you use it is up to you and the possibilities are endless. So, grab some cards and get ready to learn Flick.


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