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Hiding In The Shadows: Black Art For The Stage

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This book is a crash course in all things Black Art. You will learn everything from methods to lighting and the science behind it in great detail.

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Get ready to learn one of the most powerful illusion techniques in existence.

This is a crash course in all things Black Art. You will learn everything from methods to lighting and the science behind it in great detail.

Once you have learned the techniques and strategies, you get 10 illusion creations to put it all to work. What’s more, the book includes the Audience Member Vanish, a closely guarded illusion with any audience member (no stooges!).

Chris Stolz is one of the top magic consultants working today. He has used the knowledge and techniques in this book to astound audiences all over the world and now, you can too.

HIDING IN THE SHADOWS is your Black Art playbook.

It’s excellent! Finally a book that addresses the subject of black art in illusion design in a practical, no nonsense way. This book belongs on every magician’s bookshelf!

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What’s In The Book

Ladder Box - ClosedMethods & Concepts:  In this section, I take you through a series of effective Black Art methods, from masking, to shadows on a prop, to tunnels and more.  I also take you through dealing with common challenges like blue curtains and wood finish floors!

Lighting Theory:  Here, I take you through some of the basics of stage lighting along with many of the lighting concepts we use to hide black on stage.  I cover everything from pupil constriction to volumetric beams of light used to hide your B.A.

Interview With A Lighting Designer:  We get some valuable insights from a Lighting Design who has done everything from corporate to Broadway.

Lighting Setups:  This section contains a series of simple lighting setups you can use to light any of the methods and illusions covered in the book.  These are effective setups that I still use today and will give you a great base on which to build your lighting design.

Illusions:  There are 9 illusions in the bookids.   Most of the illusions are workers that you can take from venue to venue along with a couple big crazy concepts for those looking to add a little more adventure to your lives!  Which ones you build and perform is of course up to you, but I promise you that each illusion will educate you and inspire new ideas!

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1 review for Hiding In The Shadows: Black Art For The Stage

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Baker (verified owner)

    Chris Stolz’ “Hiding in the Shadows: Black Art for the Stage” is one of very few such resources. It covers the most important aspects of black art, as it applies to the traditional illusionist. It is not a book that deals with traditional “Black Art” acts, such as presented by Omar Pasha.

    What is covered are subjects that deal with the use of black art in illusion design, such as reducing the apparent depth of hiding spaces in bases, etc. There are also discussions on masking techniques to conceal a person, or afford them an escape route unseen by the audience.

    The section on lighting is worth it’s weight in gold. This is where most magicians fail when attempting to make the best use of black art. Rather than thinking all situations are the same and require the same technical amenities, Chris discusses how different light techniques accomplish different results.

    There is a section detailing several illusions. Although Chris gives you his blessing to use them, it would be my hope that the reader will learn the various applications and use these to create their own unique illusions. The methods are sound, so it just requires a little thought to use them creatively.

    My only sadness is that this book is limited to stage illusions. Although I can understand the necessity of staying focused, the use of black art is a topic that covers almost every aspect of magic, from close-up, to parlor, to stage.

    Recommended reading.

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