Prop Rentals

prop rentalsProp rentals can be one of the most economical ways to get that specialty prop or effect you need, without breaking the bank to build one. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars developing and building a prop for a short run.  Renting a professionally made prop is often a fantastic option.

We started offering prop rentals in 2017 to serve many of the shorter term production needs.

Whether you’re looking to rent the rose from Beauty and the Beast or an Appearing Cane for your 1940’s dance number, we’re got you covered.

Available Rental Props

Our available rental items are listed below. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific item that you don’t see here.

Prop Rental Pricing

Our theatre prop rentals range from $50 to $200 CAD per week, depending on the prop.  For instance, the Enchanted Rose rents at $150/week.  This is considerably less than it costs to make this custom electronic item.

Our rental pricing is based on each item. Some items are more expensive to make and maintain over the expected wear and tear of travel and performance than others.  We do however try our best to keep our rental fees as low as possible!

Can I Request New Prop Rentals?

Yes!  We’re always happy to hear about specialty props or special effects that you would like to rent or buy.   Now sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to rent out.  This can be for either technical reasons or simply because we can sell it to you cheaper than it would cost to rent. For instance, it’s much cheaper to buy the cake effect for Mary Poppins than it would be to rent one.

While we can’t guarantee that every request will become a rental, we do try our best to make it work.  This is especially true if we’re receiving frequent requests for the same rental prop.

What Makes A Good Rental Prop?

Typically, anything that would be too expensive to buy or difficult to construct without the right expertise.  These can include props like:

  • Magic or Illusion Props
  • Props with electronics, remote controls etc.
  • Anything requiring custom molds or casting
  • Wood props with intricate carving or details
  • Metal work

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