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Updating the Beauty and the Beast effects book

This week we started working on an updated and expanded version of the Beauty and the Beast book.  This will give us a chance to update the quality of this to our latest standards prior to releasing more theatre illusions books over the course of 2017.

The new version will have:

  • A new cover
  • All new, realistic 3D renderings of all props
  • High level, dimensioned blueprints
  • and new methods, including a levitating beast transformation without wires

Everything detailed in the current version, including our floating enchanted rose prop, will still be included.  After we have re-released it, anyone who has ordered the previous version after January 1st, 2017 will have the option to get the new one by re-downloading it from their account or contacting us with your order number.

We expect the new version to be released prior to the end of summer 2017.

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