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chris-stolz-aboutStolz Productions is a magic consulting and theatrical design company based out of Toronto, Canada. Drawing from the expertise of company owner and designer Chris Stolz, Stolz Productions works with clients from all over the world designing and consulting for the stage.

Chris brings to the table a mastery of theatrical lighting and sound systems and design, rigging, scenic design for the theatre and has worked both on and off stage in hundreds of theatrical and magic productions over the years. His ability to create practical, creative solutions for theatrical illusion and special effect challenges is what has identified him as a true expert in his field. As a result, he is known as one of the top illusion designers in the industry today. On stage, Chris has performed for audiences all over North America and an actor and a magician and studied with a friend and one of the top expert card magicians of the century, the late Martin A. Nash, aka “The Charming Cheat”.

When combining theatrical and magic concepts, Chris also follows his own unique process. Using top-of-the-line 3D and drafting technology, he can digitally build each illusion piece by piece with the ability to see the entire prop with materials, lights, shadow, and reflections from every possible angle. This process has proven to be very successful, saving clients both time and money before fabrication by allowing them to see exactly what a live audience would see.

While 3D rendering is a very important part of our design process, Chris does not feel that it is a replacement for physical testing, research and real life experience. 3D renderings are created only after the utmost attention to exact physical scale and real world limitations have been established.

Chris Stolz is the author of Hiding In The Shadows, a book dedicated to Black Art which has received rave reviews from the magic industry.  In 2017, he won a THEA for best Set Design for Oklahoma.

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