Bringing advanced digital and 3D technology to the stage – LIVE!

Projection Mapping

Coloring and texturing set pieces by projection, wrapping it around your physical set.

Live Digital Characters

Motion tracking an actors face, turning a live performance into a digital character projected on stage.

3D Rendering

3D renderings of sets and props. See it all come together on a virtual stage before you build.

Live Projection Mapping

One set, unlimited possibilities.

Projection mapping is an incredibly effective method to bring new life to an otherwise static set.  Whether we’re turning a white set into a complete digital environment (as shown to the right) or simply adding some icing on the cake by adding smaller elements, projection mapping is an incredibly powerful tool.

Projecting an image is the easy part.  The challenge is in the workflow leading up to that.  We start with a scale 3d model of the set, design on top of that, create layered pieces and when we get to the theatre, we lay it all out on your physical set.

Projection mapping is the perfect marriage of technology and creative design!

Live Digital Characters

As scripts continue to get creative with their characters, so does our approach to bringing those charactes to life.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we can bring digital characters to live performances.  Think of it as a digital puppet.  We use facial motion tracking to track the actors facial movements and map them, in real time, to a digital character projected on stage.  Combine that with voice recognition and hot keys for special expressions, and your actor has full control to bring their character to life.

3D Rendering

3D has been the key ingredient in our toolbelt for years.  We create scale, fully textured 3D models of our sets and prop designs.  This helps us to identify challenges early one, work out size and scale and communicate the set to the production team, cast, crew and finance.

When appropriate, we can go the extra mile and make our renderings incredibly realistic.  We have often used these images for marketing materials, which allows us to show some of the set before it’s been built.